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Barcelona, 1980

Tècnica Superior en Joieria Artística per l’Escola Massana i Graduada en Turisme per la Universitat de Turisme de Girona. Ha realitzat cursos d'esmalts i de fosa de metalls i ha participat en diverses exposicions. Ha format part del projecte Joyas Sensacionales coordinat per Silvia Walz.

This work starts from the idea of how people has gained a wider need, in houses, apart of the simple fact to take refuge. There’s a search of being satisfied with the environment.

A house is not just a functional thing, we project our fears, our wishes, our feelings on it. At the same time we experiment sentimental echos. The experiences lived in, are the ones that transform us, change our memories on idyllic memories.

Same way, we live in houses, like our memories live inside us.

Exploring the importance for us as a first vital space, how we realize who we are and what the space is. How it involve our feelings.

Its walls are like memories containers.

This jewelry pieces are new scenes to project your future world, remind your past, living the present. They are like Soul Houses, open spaces to run, to hide,…to be.